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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wedding Information

A typical wedding day session with Landra Lens Imaging
Everything that you NEED to KNOW

Depending on the type of package you have purchased, I usually photograph for 8 hours.  This includes reception time.  For the best photo results from your day, please be prompt and prepared!

Organization is CRITICAL on your wedding day.  I must know all of the details from start to finish, in order to obtain photos from these events.  Communication is VITAL, in order for me to do my job completely and with success.  Lack of communication WILL result in missed shots!  For me to provide you with the BEST photography from your wedding, we MUST be organized, we must communicate, and we must work together.   

Typically, I meet the wedding party at the church several hours before the ceremony.  From there, I start photographing the bride and bridal party preparations (*see note below).  The shot list includes:  the dress and rings (please have them both ready and available), accessories, specialty items, and the entire wedding party suiting up.  I tend to focus MORE on the bride/bridal party during preparation.  I will do my best to capture the groom and his men before the ceremony, if possible.  Groom preparation can be easily staged afterwards.  Once things calm down, I don't mind taking a moment to focus on the groomsmen! (besides, it's all about the BRIDE, right? Haha!).  
*Note:  There is an additional cost for photos of the bridal party getting hair and makeup done.  It cannot be included in the 8-hour time frame, due to the fact that we will need ALL 8 hours for preparation, formal pictures, ceremony, and the reception.  For an extra 2 hours of time for hair and makeup photos, the price is $150.00.  This is a discounted price that can be added to your package!  The cost includes travel, time, and photo development/edits.

If you are interested in adding additional hours to your package, due to possible time constraints, they are available at a discounted price of $150.oo per extra hour.

If the bride and groom are seeing each other BEFORE the ceremony, then formal pictures need to be taken before the ceremony.  These shots include:  bride and groom, the wedding party, family members, etc.  PLEASE allow ONE HOUR for the formal photos.  PLEASE have all members present, and ready at the specified time of photos.  Feel free to have a list of what pictures you would like me to get.
If the bride and groom are NOT seeing each other before the ceremony, then formal pictures will need to be taken afterwards.  PLEASE allow ONE HOUR for the formal photos, and make sure that everyone is present!  This is crucial, since guests are waiting at your reception!

During the ceremony, I will take numerous photos.  I can guarantee that I will do my BEST to capture ALL of the important moments!  Although, I cannot guarantee any shots.  This is because: I am human.  Also, because there are a lot of factors (that may be out of my control) that could disrupt a photo moment.  Please understand that I will do whatever it takes to get the best shots of your wedding.  I will ultimately do my BEST!  After the ceremony, I will photograph the bride and groom walking out as husband and wife (and whatever else you may have planned).  From there, we will transition to the reception!

At the reception, I typically take pictures of: 
First: the cake, the decor, and any specialty items.  
Second, all of the important events such as: the cake cutting, the first dance, the father-daughter dance, throwing of the bouquet and garter, etc... plus any specialty event that you may have planned.  
Third, I like to do what I call a "Roundabout" with the bride and groom.  This is where I follow you from table to table and take pictures of you with your guests!  This has always been a wedding favorite of clients, because it gives them formal photos with those who attended the wedding.  The pictures always add a VERY NICE touch to the finished album!  Please allow some time during the reception for a "Roundabout"! It is a great way to greet your guests, thank them for their attendance, and snap a photo with them!
Finally, I candidly photograph dancing, as well as wedding party and guest interaction.

Sounds like a full day to me!  Please contact me with any other questions!

If desired, I can arrange to be available to photograph your rehearsal dinner.  This is a great way for me to meet your wedding party, as well as the important members of the family!  The service can be added on to your wedding package, at a discounted price of $300 (price includes one disc with images!).  I can be in attendance at your rehearsal dinner for up to 3 hours.
This option has been very popular!  Being present at the rehearsal dinner allows everyone to get comfortable with your photographer!  The main benefit is GREAT pictures of the entire wedding weekend.  Your family and wedding party will be more comfortable in front of the camera, which makes for BETTER pictures...bottom line.  Please consider adding this photography service to your wedding package.  Your wedding day is a very special event, and you will not regret having these moments documented! 

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