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Prairie Pano
Landra Lynn Dimmich

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Mosaic Album: Product Details

With luxurious single and duo-leather cover designs, the Mosaic Album is a personal style statement. Select from butter-smooth deluxe or patterned exotic leathers. Album pages are handmade with flush-mounted photographic prints. These thick, rigid pages are perfect for those seeking traditional elegance and substance.

  • Available in 8x8, 10x10, and 12x12
  • One- and two-leather covers with cameos available in most designs
  • Substantial, rigid pages
  • Images are flush to the edge of the album
  • Panoramas appear seamless across our hairline gutter with lay-flat binding
  • Packaged in the Premiere Album Box


  • Single-leather standard cover with optional two-leather designs
  • Choose from Deluxe (smooth) or Exotic (patterned) Leathers
  • Up to three cameos available in many cover designs
Prints and Pages
  • Images printed on your choice of Luster or Metallic photographic paper
  • Prints are mounted flush to the edge on black core board for elegant, rigid pages
  • Must have a minimum of 20 sides and may increase up to 70 (panos count as two sides)
  • May start with a single-page layout or a panoramic layout
  • Choose between ¼”rounded page corners (standard) or square page corners 

Album Gilding

    If you're looking for that finishing touch that really makes your albums stand out then Gilded Pages are the answer. There are four beautiful options to compliment any album design. Album Gilding is available at an additional cost of $30.oo. 
Deluxe Leathers
These leathers have a soft smooth uniform texture. Deluxe Leathers are typically used as the main color in two-tone albums.

Exotic Leathers

Exotic Leathers have distinct patterns and textures. They make great accent leathers in two-tone albums.

Premiere Album Box

  • Comes packaged in the Premiere Album Box


Albums come standard with 20 individual sides for images.  Additional sides cost extra, as well as the two-toned and cameo covers.  Maximum page total is 70 pages.  Tax and shipping have not been calculated into the price.

8x8 Album:
20 sides...$290.oo
Add'l sides are $10.50 each
Two-toned cover is an add'l $50.oo
Cameo cover is an add'l $20.oo

10x10 Album:
20 sides...$325.oo
Add'l sides are $11.50 each
Two-toned cover is an add'l $50.oo
 Cameo cover is an add'l $20.oo
12x12 Album:
20 sides...$360.oo
 Add'l sides are $12.50 each
Two-toned cover is an add'l $50.oo
 Cameo cover is an add'l $20.oo

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