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Prairie Pano
Landra Lynn Dimmich

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Session Information

This blog post is to inform you of what a typical photography session 
is like with Landra Lens Imaging!
It is to give you information about what you can expect 
before, during, and after your session!
Regardless of the photo package you choose, 
this is how the process works!

Typically, we will meet at the location agreed upon.
If you have chosen a package that includes more than one location, 
then we will travel there during the shoot.
Please be prompt, and ready for fun!

Depending on the package you have decided on, 
we will spend the amount of time mentioned in the package you have chosen!
(For example: if you chose the Express Session, I will spend 30 minutes actually taking photos).

Upon greeting you and your family, we will get comfortable before the photography starts.
Children can sometimes be shy or scared, so we will take some time to make them feel comfy!
This time WILL NOT count against your photography time.

We will sign a General Photographic Service Contract, 
and speak about what photos you would like to have done!
Once we have an idea of your desired photos, the photography time will start!
I will photograph for the amount of time that your package includes.

Once the session is over, this is what you can expect:

If you have agreed to (on the contract) to have Sneak Peeks on Facebook, etc.,
then I will do my best to get several photos posted during the two week developing process.
Once your photos are processed, I will create a private, online proofing gallery 
for you to view your photos.  
Some MAY be edited (usually from the Sneak Peeks displayed from Facebook), 
but for the most part they will NOT be edited yet.
 I would like YOU to choose your favorite photos, 
and THEN I will work my "magic" with them! 

Each photo in your gallery will have a number.  
All you need to do is write down the number of the photos
you would like!
Once you have selected your photos,
and/or have selected the amount your package allows for the DVD disc,
you may notify me of the photos you would like me to work with.
Each package has a different amount of DVD image files that are included.
If you go over your DVD image package limit, that is NOT a problem.  
Each additional image file is $ 12.oo.
You can contact me with your photo numbers via Facebook message, text, phone call, e-mail, etc.

PLEASE, be aware that the photos on your disc are sized at 4x6 ONLY.
Any prints desired in a larger size will require a higher quality printing process,
as well as further sizing requirements, skill, and knowledge of photo development, etc.
It is best to let Landra Lens Imaging handle any prints or products
that are larger than a standard 4x6 sized print.

Each package also includes a print credit, that may be used toward prints 
through Landra Lens Imaging.
My prints and product prices are extremely affordable, 
and can be shipped directly to your home, within days!
We can also create a custom print package especially for you! 

Finally, once you have chosen your image files for your DVD, 
it won't take very long for me to finish the enhancing process with them.
I do ask that you be prompt in the selection of your photos.
The sooner you select your photos, the sooner I can start working on them!

If you decide to print larger images elsewhere, that is OK too.  
I will just need the sizes of those photos, so that I can re-size them for you.  
This will ensure that the photos will fit in the frames that you would like them displayed in.  

I must inform you that I am NOT responsible for any unsatisfactory 
prints that may result when printing elsewhere.  
My photos require a higher quality printing process.
Each photo has a special color profile, and it may not be 
compatible with the printing machine used.
Please see my blog post that shows print comparisons,
when NOT printed with Landra Lens Imaging.
Click HERE for Print Comparisons.

Please allow at least TWO weeks for the processing and development of your photos.
I am a mother and a wife, first.  Photography comes after my family.

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